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Newsletter JUNE 2014

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Dear families in Bali, our June issue is a bit late as we had some time and hardware problems. I hope all of you are well in this season here in Bali. Many things are going on right now in Bali and we at Bali for wish to update our readers as ususal.

This months brings a big mix of stories: The "We LOVE BALI SAVE" Movement - A great story from Snakeman Ron about little bugs and how easy going they are - specially living in the tropics. Folks you better get used to them! And sure we have news from our private tutor class in canggu. Those kids really stepping forward big time. So enjoy our new issue and be HAPPY in Bali!

Bali Kids News

Online NOW!!! Ni Zain's first book for all food and health lovers:
***** WE LOVE BALI SAVE MOVEMENT BY NI LAH: The sad news last month about the dead of a young girl because of one of the almost common handbag robberies here in Bali, has quite shaken the community. Many people are not happy how unsave Bali has become for women these days. But not all are sitting down hoping that officials will so something. Many people in the community are now activ looking for solutions for this problem. One step was to create a facebook community, which has reached to this point already more than 4000 members - in only 3 weeks or so. If you like to join "We love Bali save" add yourself to
On May 26th the community meet for a ceremony and event on Pantai Batu Bulong, where also many officials showed up. The video of this event you can see on

It was a beautiful event and memory of all those victims of bike robberies in the last months. But unfortunatly such evens will not stop the problem. Shown by just another event happening this week, which actually than was leading to the arrest of 6 young Balinese men involved in the crime. As long as there are not big social changes made in Bali and education sets in, local authorities make a real move, no change will come to Bali. The brief arrest of some people involved into bag snatching is only the tip of the iceberg. I am not sure if it will stop it. Lets all hope, Bali will soon be save as it used to be.

***** DON'T JUST SQUASH IT! - 10 TIPS FOR DEALING WITH WILDLIFE IN YOUR HOME BY RON LILLEY: You are sitting quietly at home. Suddenly, a large bug comes flying in through the window. People panic, run about shouting, and look for something to hit the bug with to kill it. Nobody stops to wonder if this creature is dangerous – it’s just a huge bug that needs to be squashed, right? I have been in restaurants in the evening when something – usually a large flying insect - has zoomed into the place, attracted by the lights. The diners duck down or run for cover, while some will wave their arms about wildly. By calmly walking over to the animal, picking it up gently, and then taking it outside to release it, I have become the hero, and receive a round of applause!I get a lot of emails and calls from people who have unidentified animals in their house. Most people are not interested in knowing the scientific name or its detailed life history. They just want to know whether this unwelcome visitor is a threat to them. I always ask for a photo of the creature if this is possible, and will happily identify it and say if it poses any sort of threat to pets, family or guests. Then, if it is not dangerous, I will suggest ways of capturing it ad dealing with it. Finally, if really necessary, I will go to the address myself, or have someone else go there to remove the offending animal. Read more... lev

***** PRIVATE TUTOR GROUP CANGGU MAY BY JANINE: This month we focused a lot on our educational program. - Our Science unit for May was Acids and Alkalis, where the children built on the work they did on solutions earlier in the school year. They learned about common household acids and alkalis and tested various substances using an indicator that we made from red cabbage. The kids loved doing this! Grade 6 took it further and learned about the pH scale and the different methods used to teste for degrees of acidity and alkalinity. The children also learned about the causes and effects of acid rain. Finally, we looked at neutralisation and some uses of acids and alkalis. Our artist of the month for May was Paul Klee. The children learned about the life this artist, as well as his work his inspirations. We discussed his use of warm, cool and neutral colours and the mood created by these colours. These pictures were inspired by one of Paul Klee’s most famous paintings, Senecio (Old Man.) Read more...


Please read all previous ADD-KIT articles on our add-kit-page...

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KAFE at BALISPIRIT in Ubud has been for a long time with us. The classic health food restaurant connected to the Bali Spirit  Group offers a great place in the center of Ubud to meet and greet, also for family with kids. Often I see moms enjoying time on the low tables with their smaller kids or babies, just enjoying some of the KAFE's really nice and by now very well known food. They have something for all tastes. From Western to Indonesian food to the trendy raw food dishes to simply some good home made food, the menu is great and tasty - lots of work and passion has gone into this. KAFE has also a small shop where families can get a selection of natural products such as Collodial Silver, kids games without toxins and locally produced organic food. So KAFE is a fantastic stop by in Ubud for your family. Find our more about KAFE on our Food-Stuff - Page

PONDOK SARI in Permuteran is a wonderful quite big resort in the North of Bali. The resort is right in the middle of one of the diver hotspots of Bali and offers a lot for a family holiday or family get away. Rooms in many different sizes up, with even big anique houses where very big families can stay in a traditional house, but with all the luxury you like for a holiday. The restaurant offers a big selection of Western and Traditional food and is very kids friendly. Many evenings you will find there are local performances of Balinese culture, performed from the people around the village. During the day, the beach offers lots of shades under trees, as well as very good swimming and snorkling and for sure, those of you who dive will be able to go diving. We enjoyed our stay in Pondok Sari a lot and hope all of you will visit this friendly place soon. Find our more about Pondok Sari on our Holidays - Page

BALI ECO STAY in Batu Karu Area has also been with us for a long time. This wonderful place all the way up in the mountains of Bali has been build and run with love. Each year, the place is growing and getting a even more beautiful place to stay with your family. Not only will you be away from all the busy croweds of downtown Bali, you will experience a Bali you had no idea it exists. With ricefields around your room, you experience the seasoning of the rice in different stages of the years circle. Local art and handycrafts can be learned with the locals right at Bali Eco Stay and kids love to learn how to make kites, offerings or cook real Balinese food. Ah, the food. Over the years the team of Bali Eco Stay has develoved into a high class healthy cooking, rarely seen around Bali. With most of the food coming from the resort itself, you can be sure, it is all grown with no chemicals and lots of love. Plan enough time to stay there, your family might not want to leave again or just visit for a day to enjoy the drive, the area und the food. In a natural pool you can have a dip to cool down. Find our more about Bali Eco Stay on our Holidays - Page

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NI LAH – Editor of the Bali for Team

If you contact Bali for, please resent your mail if you did not hear from us within 5 working days. There are so many problems with sending and receiving mails here in Bali and nothing we can really do about it. Please be patient and just try again. Make sure that you put Bali for on your save sender list. We look forward to hear from you and hope you will join and enjoy our site!

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Sponsor Me! is new on Bali for We believe each child in the world shall have the best education, not just focused on maths, reading and writing. Some children have certain talents, which we, shall develop as their teachers. Unfortunately some families are not able to pay more than a normal education for their children. School fees and other costs are often already too much for some families. This is why we decided to help some local kids with talents to learn more than just what school teaches them. We want to find those kids sponsors who pay them an additional education, a more artistic education. But as well children in certain life situations who need urgent help. If you want to sponsor any of our children you can mail to Any amount is welcome. If you are a single sponsor we will put your picture and name or business logo under the child or group you sponsor in our column: Sponsor Me! Banner space on Sponsor Me! you can buy with any donation over 1.000.000Rp. Contact us about size and details directly on If you know a local child which needs to be sponsored for more than just a school activities, please contact us and we will see if Bali for can help to find more sponsors for kids in Indonesia.

S2 Families, 10 kids (7 disabled) need help on all levels - for more info click here

Kidsworld in Ubud offers local state schools free use of the Kidsworld facility on weekday mornings, 10-12h. Call 0361-981867 to shuttle a date. One class with a max of 40 children at a time.The schools must organize their own transport to and from Kidsworld as well as food and drinks. This is an initiative of Kidsworld, but we give them credit for their wonderful action for local kids!!! Thanks!

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